Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little Behind

I haven't posted in a while, but I'm getting back into the writing feel. I go through phases. Unfortunately, that may deter readers. I am writing this for myself, but also with the intent to share.
I will have a good post soon, I'm downloading pictures!

Happy Reading!

(I'm happy to be back! I missed posting!)

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Secret of Sophia

Sophia is definitely different from her big sister. Sophia is interesting. She observant, rough and tumble, ornery, and sweet. But there's something about her. She's different. Her vocabulary is awesome. She just says things. (Reminder, she's approx 21 mos.) Her most frequently used words are, "Daddys," "Babies," "Eyes," "Cheese," "Huh," "Down," " 'Side" (for "outside" or "inside"), "Slide," "Stop" (mostly used when she's getting tickled), "Josh" (my brother), "Emmys," "Mommys," "CeeCees," (her and the "s's" thing...), and "potty" (she's more interested than Cecilia.) But today, she was just spewing words. We went to the horse races, and Sophia was saying "House," for horse, and she said "flowers" (clear as day), "hot," "color," to name a few. Unbelievable. Granted, I haven't seen her in a week, but still!
But, back to my original thought--she's different. She's kinda spastic, she smacks people in the face. She always tries to steal my glasses, and when I tell her "No," she laughs at me. I have yet to smack her hand, but I think she's starting to get the picture. When I was teaching her sister, Cecilia was so responsive. Sophia takes much more doin'. Cee learned quickly.
Sophia is very interested in Lily, which was cute for a minute, but now, all she wants to do is poke Lily in the eye, "Eyes?" She also likes to stick her finger in Lily's mouth when she yawns. When I tell her to be gentle, she looks at me and laughs, "Eyes?" Ugh...exhausting just isn't the word. So, today, with the flowers, I was teaching her to be gentle. I don't think anyone has ever really taught her what gentle means. I can remember sitting with Cecilia in the garden, watching her gently touch the petals. So, I was showing Sophia that today with the flowers in a vase on the coffee table. She would get it, then a while later, she would start smacking them again, so I repeated myself again--I'm pretty sure Sophia and I had a 3 hour cummulative lecture about being gentle to plants and babies.
What a kid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pics from the Beach

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day at the Beach!

This week, my mom got a place down at the shore, so my sister's family and I went down Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday. I forgot to bring my camera to the boardwalk, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Cecilia ended up throwing a fit because she didn't win when she tried to play Whack a Mole--shit, I'm no good at whack a mole either! She threw herself on the boardwalk in a fit, face down, kicking and screaming. I tried to tell her that she can't win every time. Mom told me later that I should have waited for to rationalize with her. Live and learn.
The next day at the beach was fun. Both girls were in good spirits. Loving the ocean and the sand, the sand crabs. I, personally, am not a beach person. I'm pale, I'm overweight, and sand gives me high anxiety. I say this jokingly, but I'm serious. Having sand everywhere makes me crazy! It's like the grass in Easter Baskets or tinsel for the Christmas tree--you find it throughout the year--you can't get rid of it! For me, it's also the fact that I'm re-applying sunscreen frequently, and I have sand all over me. So, I rinse in the ocean (but I don't swim--not in the Atlantic, anyway). But I still feel gritty, so I try to dry off with a sand-covered towel. Now you see why I only went down for one day. I'm happier sand-free. It sucks too, though because I don't share the excitement for the shore as the girls do. Their daddy loves the beach, so he spent the day humoring their requests. Cee and I did search for sand crabs, and she sat with me under the umbrella and had snacks. We jumped over the waves (the baby waves). I helped Soph jump the waves too. She genuinely loves the ocean, but you can definitely see the trepidation in her eyes. She would run away from it with her arms out, screaming and laughing. But I did spend a lot of the day taking pictures and reading under the umbrella. I do like the relaxing aspects of the beach.
Now, I'm home, and I haven't gone through my beach bag yet because I don't want to deal with the sand yet. It's too soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

PlayDate Success!!!

Tuesday afternoon, I picked Cecilia up after work. She was so excited! (Me too, considering my last playdate was a snooze-fest!) I told her this weekend, that she had to use the potty if she wanted to come to my house, because "Aunt Lisa does not clean poop out of panties!" I was very serious with her. So on my way to get her, I phoned my sister to check on the potty progress. She informed me that Cecilia had gone pee on the potty all day, but she had yet to poop. Great.
When I arrived at Kerri's, Cecilia ran into my arms and kissed me--ready to go play! I made sure to give her the potty-pep talk before getting in the car. First, we went to the store, to pick up a few things. She was a great helper! She carried the basket and helped me pick out the things on my list: toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. We had everything in the basket when I picked up the laundry detergent, I told her I would carry it because it was heavy. She insisted, "I want to do it by myself!" She's very independent. So, fine, I gave her the bottle of detergent. She learned, in about 10 seconds, that she would not be able to do it by herself, and gave in, willingly.
At my house, we played tea party: Me, Cee, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the alien from Toy Story. She allotted everyone crackers and juice, then she was bored, so we moved on. We walked outside. I showed her the pond, and we looked for frogs. It was very exciting. We didn't find any by the pond, but when we were sitting on my porch, a baby frog hopped by. I told her how to hold them, and every time it jumped from her hand she squealed and giggled. It was pretty cute. Then I taught her how to thank Mr. Frog and send him on his way. She was very good about it. We went back in to play Dora the Explorer Candy Land, when Cecilia looked around my room puzzled, and said, "Were's your T.T.?" (T.V.) I told her that I don't have a t.v., I just keep a little one for her (I don't have cable, but I do have a television with a VHS built in that I use when Cee comes over, in case she wants to watch any Disney movies. If she wants DVDs I can put that on my laptop. No big wup.) She was pleased with that, and decided that she wanted to pick a movie. She chose 'Dumbo.'
I guess she's never seen "Dumbo" because she was glued. I made spaghetti with an applesauce appetizer. She liked that. I gave her a little stool to put her dinner on, and she set it up just the way she liked. We sat, watching the movie, and from time to time, she would go grab Candy land and start to play, then get glued again.
That's when it happened. I stepped out on my front porch to call my mom quickly, and Cecilia came to the door. Her legs were bent, and her knees were together--it looked like the most painful pee-pee dance I had ever seen. "Oh, you have to go potty!!! Let's go, C'mon!" She stood up slightly and said, "I no hafta go." I gave her a sideways look, got off the phone with mom, and went inside. She was already back in front of 'Dumbo,' but she immediately said, "I hafta poop." I quickly grabbed her and ran downstairs to the potty with her. When we got there--we were too late. "Oh, Cee, you already pooped!"
"Yes, I awdeddy pooped, Weesa." She said frankly.
"Well, you have to go on the potty, Cee--you're a big girl now."
"I no big girl now. Ima baby. I have baby diapers."
"Aunt Lisa doesn't have baby diapers for you wear, Cee. I only have panties. You have to sit there while I clean up. You cannot move!" She pouted in an animated way--I knew she wasn't too upset about it, she probably felt better since she hadn't pooped all day. I made it seem like a big deal, cleaning up her 'accident' but I really just threw them away. Then I sat on the stairs outside of the bathroom. Not saying a word. Then she said, "I'm all done, Weesa."
She had been sitting for a few minutes, so I cleaned her up, and put her in her pajamas--per mom's direction.
We watched the rest of 'Dumbo' then I told her that we were going to have to clean up and go home.
"I no want to go home, Weesa."
"You have to go home, Cee. You have to say goodnight to Sophia."
"Sophie my sisser. An' I see Daddy and Mommy?"
"Yeah, Mommy and Daddy'll be there, you can say goodnight to them too."
"I know want to go to sweep."
"Okay. You don't have to go to sleep yet, Cee."
"Thanks, Weesa." She smiled, and started cleaning up her toys.
Too funny. I love the conversations we're having. It's amazing the way she interprets things. I love it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Niece #3!!!

Liliana Mae was born today at 10:59 a.m. She weighs 6lbs. 8oz, and is just as perfect as she can be.
My sister Kelly went in Wednesday evening to prepare to be induced the following morning. As the inducing took place, Lily's heart rate should have been fluctuating with the progressive contractions, but it wasn't. They call it a "flat" heart rate, but it doesn't mean "flat line." (Learn something new everyday--I got scared when my mom said "flat heart rate," that's a scary term.)
They ended up doing a C-section, and found that Lily had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, poor thing! It's interesting because it's almost like history is repeating itself. My mom had me when she was 21 (my sister is 19), and my mom moved out, despite her mother's attempt to keep her at home, and I was a c-section birth as well; although mine was an emergency because I definitely had the cord wrapped around my neck, and my heart had stopped. I weighed 6lbs., 6oz (very close). Interesting. It's also interesting how when I was born, I was considered a preemie and put in an incubator for nearly two weeks, and Lily is just fine. Funny how things change, yet how much they stay the same. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Play-Date Bust!

Every Tuesday, my mom (Emmy) and I take turns taking one of the girls. Last night was my night with Sophia. I was sooo excited. Sophia and I haven't had the opportunity to bond like Cecilia and I have, so I was ready for a fun and exciting play date! I picked her up after work (around 4), and we loaded the car, and off we went.
Side note: Sophia hasn't been to my house very much. Every time I have a play date, it's either at Emmy's or Kerri's, not sure why, that's just how it has happened. Anyway, I didn't take that into consideration when I was figuring the success of our time together.
Well, Kerri also failed to tell me (until I came to pick up Soph), that she was teething. Great. I know the joys of teething, and they are few and far between. I was determined to make the best of it.
We pulled up to my house, and groggy Soph was sitting nicely in her car seat. When I pulled her out of the car, I set her down, thinking that she would run around (I live on a farm, and she loooves to be outside, so I thought it'd be perfect), well, she didn't. She pointed at my house and said, "side" (inside), so we went inside, but she was really apprehensive to go in passed the foyer. I showed her toys, let her walk around and explore, but she just wasn't feelin it. So she pointed at the door, "side?" (outside). "Oh, okay, let's go outside!" Once we get outside, she runs to my car, looks at me, waves, and says, "Bye? Mommy?" "No, Sophia, we're not going bye-bye, we're going to stay here and play!" She didn't care. She was tired, and crabby. I took her inside and tried to lure her with food, but that did nothing. I knew she wasn't feeling well when she didn't want to eat.
Finally, she started giving me pillows off the couch. At first, I started to smack her with them a little bit, in a sort of came, but she shook her head, as if to tell me that I didn't know what I was doing. I asked her if she wanted to lay on the pillow, and she shook her head. So, I grabbed a few books, laid down with her and started scratching her back---she was snoring in no time.
She ended up sleeping until her mother picked her up, then she woke up all smiley and happy.
It turns out that my sister stopped at Emmy's house before going home, and my mom said that Sophia was a hoot! Well, I guess so, since she slept for 2 hours.
Oh well, hopefully the next time will be better.
Next Tuesday I have Cecilia! And she loooves my house!